Our history

  • 2018Borges in change

    For the first time, the share of sales in aluminium and stainless steel production reached the same level as the share in steel production.
  • 2016New painting line

    Inauguration of the new painting line with new ventilation and ventilation system.
  • 2012Tanks for yacht construction

    Borges delivers the first tanks for yacht construction. The production of aluminium components is being further expanded.
  • 2009Modernsation of materials

    The new materials stainless steel and aluminum get a
    own production hall.
  • 2006Borges as a strong partner

    Borges becomes a strong OEM partner for many international customers in the commercial vehicle and automotive industry.
  • 2003Sebastian Borges is taking over the lead

    In the third generation, the grandson of the company founder, Sebastian Borges, takes over the management of the company.
  • 2002Expansion of the business areas

    Expansion of the business units to include the areas of soot filter systems, canning and system integration. Special designs and small series.
  • 1998Establishment VARIO-tank production

    Tank manufacturing is growing up. Relocation to the new production halls and installation of the new VARIO tank production facility, construction of hall 7.
  • 1997Expansion of the business areas

    Expansion of the business units to include the area of OE exhaust systems.
  • 1991Expansion of the business areas

    Expansion of the business units to manufacture and sale of tanks for commercial vehicles, ships and hydraulics. In addition, we opened the new pipe preparation with raw material warehouse – construction of hall 6.
  • 1989New logistics area

    The new logistics area is opened – construction of Hall 5.
  • 1988Relocation of head office

    The company’s headquarters will be moved entirely to Seelze.
  • 1981Extension

    Extension of the production halls to include halls 3 and 4.
  • August 1974Relocation of production

    Large parts of the production will be relocated to the new halls in Seelze, where the plant is still located today. The administration remains in Harenberg for the time being.
  • Mai 1974Wilfried Borges is taking over the lead

    The son of the founder of the company, Wilfried Borges, takes over the management of the company as a master craftsman for mechanical engineering and a trained businessman.
  • Oktober 1965Foundation of "Fritz Borges Metalware Factory"

    The merchant Fritz Borges (+1989) founded the “Fritz Borges Metallwarenfabrik” in Harenberg near Hanover at the age of 44. Tubes were first produced and, shortly afterwards, silencers were also produced for the commercial vehicle brands Mercedes Benz, Hanomag and Henschel.